Basketball Schedules

Please check weekly

Coaches, Parents, and Players

With possible reschedules because of covid we advise that you check your online schedule weekly. Sometimes there are changes at the last minute. 

Please be mindful of the gym limitations on fans. They are listed below. These are enforced! If you are not feeling well or if a player is not feeling well please do not come or bring them to the game. 

Good luck with your season! 


American Academy of Pediatrics Sets New Guidelines

Return to play and wearing face mask

Coaches, Players, and Parents,

American Academy of Pediatrics Sets New Guidelines Post COVID and Face mask

The American Academy of Pediatrics revised guidelines for young athletes last week, responding to rising cases of coronavirus in children by strengthening mask recommendations and suggesting screening as part of a graduated return to play. While doctors are quick to note that heart conditions remain rare, the increased guidance reflects growing concerns.

The AAP recommends athletes wear cloth face coverings during practice and competition as well as when they are on the sidelines, according to updated AAP interim guidance.  

Youths recovering from COVID-19 will have different paths to return to sports based on the severity of their illness. Returning to play should be monitored by your child's physician.

If able, the GWAC recommends athletes wear a face mask at all times, including during games. Screening for returning to play after a positive COVID test should be monitored by the athlete's physician.

Please take some time to read the current update.

GWAC Basketball Update

Winter Season Starts January 30


UPDATE: We hope everyone has been safe and healthy. Below are safety guidelines from the GWAC for the upcoming basketball season. Please note the fans allowed per player for each gym. 

All sports seasons are set by the guidelines set by the State of Ohio, the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, and local parishes/schools. The GWAC will continue to monitor and follow those guidelines. 

GWAC Covid-19 Policy - Click here to read the full policy. 

*Parents, if your child is not feeling well please do not let them go to their game. React on the side of caution.  

*IMPORTANT - The number of spectators allowed per player per gym:

Harrison Jr High           4

Our Lady of Grace            1
Our Lady of Lourdes        Old-1                     New-2
Our Lady of Victory          2
Our Lady of Visitation     MPR – 1                Auditorium – 3
St. Al’s                                2
St. Antoninus                    2
St. Bernard                        1
St. Catharine                     2
St. Clare                             2

St. Clement                       2
St. Dominic                       2
St. Ignatius                        2
St. James                           2
St. John’s Dry Ridge         2
St. Jude                              2
St. Lawrence                     2
St. Martin                          2
St. Teresa                           2
St. William                         2

Dear Coach...

You're making a huge impact in the lives of our children. Help them to become who they were created to be! from Play Like a Champion

Field/Gym Status

Gym and Field Status Update



Sports are not just about the final score…
It's about positive coaching, sportsmanship for children and their parents, learning to live together in a diverse...

Pre-Game Prayer

It is our hope that the continued action of praying together will foster fellowship, respect, sportsmanship, and dignity of players, coaches, parents, and officials. We wish you the best of luck in the upcoming season.

Please bless today’s game, our opponent, our team, and all watching our play. Thank you for the opportunity to compete and bring out the best in each other. May we play hard and fair. Please keep everyone safe from injury and harm. – Amen. (adapted from Play Like a Champion)

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Our officials play vital roles in our sports programs and their contributions significantly impact the quality of the experiences our athletes have. Sure, it’s a challenging job, but one that – when...




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