**New Guest Player Rule


To avoid forfeits and teams playing with fewer than 6 eligible players, GWAC will allow players rostered on teams within our organization to participate/sub as Guest Players in league volleyball games outside of their specific team as follows. Teams will be allowed to use no more than two (2) guest players per game. Teams using a guest player(s) will not be permitted to have more than 6 players, including Guest Player(s). If a rostered player becomes available after the start of the match, the guest player can continue to play, but cannot play longer than a rostered player.  If using two guest players, and a rostered player shows up late, the two guest players will be allowed to continue to play, but only sub for the other guest player, not a rostered player.


A guest player can be pulled up from a younger grade level; however, a guest player cannot play down at a lower grade level. A player from an A-level team cannot be a guest player for a B1 or B-level team at the same grade level.


Prior to the start of the game, the coach using a Guest Player(s) must:

A) Notify the opposing coach with official present stating his/her team will be playing with a Guest Player(s).

B) Start the Guest Player(s) in the 6th position (5th and 6th position if using 2 guest players) in the serving order all 3 sets.

C) Player(s) must be in a similar school uniform.


The primary goal of this rule is to allow games to be played using a full complement of players, avoid forfeits and improve the balance of play; however, this rule is not intended to be used to gain an overt competitive advantage.